New York City - Scotland Week

New York City - Scotland Week

Read a new travel guest blog on New York City - Scotland style!

You dont have to be in Scotland to be in Scotland. And if you are travelling from Scotland to New York City your entry will be very gentle for this is Scotland Week in the Big Apple! The time of year in New York when you drop your trousers and don a kilt and have a ball.

Every year around April 6th Scotland is celebrated for a whole week here; in 1982 this was declared Tartan Day to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the repeal of Act of Proscription, the law that outlawed tartan-wearing in Scotland. Can you even imagine? That is like forbidding cowboy hats in Texas. An outrage! This year it is running until April 10th so you better get a move on.

There are so many events around town your head will spin like you are on a single-malt bender. Youll have theatre, arts, athletics, a major parade, fashion and, of course, food and drink and excellent music everywhere.

Just two nights ago I got to go see the fantastic Scottish play, The Promise, at the 59E59 Theatre. It stars the fantastic Joanna Tope and runs through 17 April. Well worth it.

One of the best plays I have ever, ever, ever seen is Black Watch from the National Theatre of Scotland about the Black Watch regiment and its involvement in the Iraq war. It is coming back to New York and is a real must. The staging alone is mind-blowing, not to mention the amazingly powerful story.

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Then there is the infamous Dressed to Kilt party and fashion show- Scottish fashion at its eccentric best. Alan Cumming and Sir Sean Connery himself have attended this tartanapalooza in the past.

The big weekend events coming up are the Tartan Day Parade up 6th Avenue on Saturday, 9 April which will feature hundreds of bagpipers and loads of drummers and a lot of tartan yardage wrapped round and round and round. Do not miss this. The Grand Marshal this year is The Lord Provost of Glasgow, Bob Winter.

After you have had your fill of haggis on bagels and whisky washed down with Budweiser, get up early on Sunday and run in what is one of the most fun runs in the citys calendar the Scotland 10k Run. Bagpipers compete with cheering folk to egg you on and if you do participate, they have the best 10k t-shirts I have ever seen.

Scotland Week also has lots of featured history and art exhibits. To find out about everything that is going on aroon toon this week check out the website.

Patrick Connolly is a freelance writer and blogs at

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