Name a Virgin America plane!

Name a Virgin America plane!

This offer has now sold out! You can still get onto the waitlist though...

Want to name a Virgin America plane and take a round-trip flight for you and 145 of your friends?

Virgin America are offering a true trip of a lifetime: for $60,000 you'll get all of the seats on a full-sized Airbus A320 and fly on any non-stop route in Virgin Americas US network.

You will also get to permanently name a plane in the Virgin America fleet, painted on the side for the world to see.

Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Seattle, New York - take your pick and fly out on the ultimate travel experience. You get to choose both the departure and the arrival cities for your round-trip adventure. Plus, stay any length of time, as long as you return by May 28th 2013.

Go to Gilte City National to find out more about this special offer.

This isn't the first time Virgin America has chosen a novel way to name a plane - they recently became the first airline to hashtag a plane - #nerdbird.

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