Introducing Necker Nymph

Virgin Limited Edition introduces Necker Nymp

Live out your James Bond fantasies in one of the worlds first underwater aircraft! Sir Richard Branson recently revealed Necker Nymph to the world on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' - here is everything you need to know from Virgin Limited Edition.

Sir Richard Bransons newest purchase and latest addition to the Virgin Limited Edition collection, Necker Nymph, is a 3-person aero submarine that can dive down to a depth of 30 metres so you can explore the deep without having to get around by flipper power! With a trained pilot at the helm, fly underwater anddiscover ancient shipwrecks and exotic marine life amongst vibrant coral reefs.

Everything you need to know about Necker Nymph:

How many people can she seat?
The submarine seats two passengers either side of the pilot in comfortable bucket seats with a windshield removing the pressure from the slipstream, and because its an open top design the visibility is unparalleled, allowing panoramic views of all that underwater marine life.

How fast can she go?
Necker Nymph can travel up to 6 knots under water - thats just over 11 km/hour.

How deep can she go?
Generally, most people holding a PADI open water dive certificate can dive to a maximum of 18 metres, with advanced divers to a maximum of 30 metres.

Do I need to be scuba certified?
If youd like to venture aboard Necker Nymph, then youll need to have the either a basic internationally recognised scuba qualification, or failing that, we can teach you! Our qualified watersports expert will be on hand to give you a half day introductory diving course, allowing you to explore under the sea to a depth of 12 metres.

Or perhaps youd like to dive a little deeper?

Our instructor can also assist with obtaining your PADI open water dive license, which takes 2-4 days to complete and allows you to dive to a depth of 18 metres. Anyone who wishes to dive with Necker Nymph will need to have basic swimming skills, be in good general health and 10 years of age or older.

Whats the advantage of the sub versus regular scuba diving?
Youll see and experience so much more flying underwater just by covering more ground than a regular scuba diver could. Plus, you wont need to use up all your energy kicking those flippers to cruise around!

How long is a dive?
Dives last as long as your air lasts - typically speaking, one to two hours.

Can I pilot her?
No - sorry! All Necker Nymph dives must be piloted by our certified Dive Pilot.

What about the safety features onboard?
The craft has been tested to the highest possible safety standard, has generous back-up supplies of oxygen and is positively buoyant so in case of a power failure she will naturally float to the surface. She also carries flares and a radio. Safety criteria are designed to comply with international scuba standards.

What about my environmental impact?
Necker Nymph has near-zero environmental impact. Its positive buoyancy prevents the sub from landing on a reef, and its low light and noise emissions ensure the fragile ocean ecosystems remain undisturbed.

When can she be hired in 2010?

If youre a guest staying on Necker Island with a thirst for adventure, Necker Nymph can be yours between May and October for US $25,000 for 7 nights.

Or perhaps youve hired our luxury catamaran Necker Belle exclusively?

Satisfy your need for speed and charter Necker Nymph for US $25,000 for 7 nights in November and December.

Click here to begin your adventure. Head over to the Virgin Limited Edition V'log to find out more.

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