Inside Virgin America's flight simulator

Conde Nast traveller network, Jaunted, were recently lucky enough to gain a sneak peak at Virgin Americas fancy cabin trainer and A320 flight simulator.

Still relatively new, the website noted the new plane smell sitting throughout the simulator aircraft.

So whats it like on the inside? If you've never seen one of these babies in person, we can only say that they remind us of theAT-ST WalkersfromStar Wars and, watching one in action from the outside, look as intimidating. On the inside, however, it's the Airbus cockpit you've likely peeked into time and again while deplaning a real aircraft.

Sounds pretty impressive, no? Check out the video above of Virgin Americas flight sim instructor Stefan guiding Jaunted through a take-off and some San Francisco Bay Area flying.

Read their full article from their visit to Virgin America HQ or check out Virgin America's website for more info.

Image - Cynthia Drescher, Jaunted

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