Breath of Fresh Airline

Get down at any elevation with Virgin America!

Virgin America have launched their spicy new Breath of Fresh Airline campaign with some stylish new ads to bring the experience of flying Virgin America to life.

The ads are designed to convey how Virgin America's flight experience is different - from superior service to fleetwide WiFi at 35,000 feet.

Porter Gale, Vice President of Marketing at Virgin America, commented: "From the start, Virgin America's mission has not only been to fight for the consumer but to bring the style and fun back to air travel.

"We believe the journey can be as enjoyable as the destination. We wanted this campaign to not only convey that point of view and our Virgin sense of humor and style, but also show flyers just how much our unique experience has transformed the status quo of flying."

Go to Virgin America on YouTube to see six new ads, created alongside Virgin Produced.

Virgin America recently launched the new Terminal 2 alongside Richard Branson in San Francisco with a special escort from Virgin Galactic.

Greg Rose

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