Your favourite cartoon characters

Top Cat

Many of you noticed some striking similarities between Scooby-Doo character Biff Wellington and yours truly. It was great to hear about your own favourite cartoon characters too.

Whilst quite a few of you are long time fans of the crime solving Scooby-Doo team, a lot of you are quite nostalgic about Top Cat (the boss, according to John Wagstaff), Tom and Jerry and everyones favourite environmental hero, Captain Planet.

Thanks also to Pepi Vaghela for reminding of the inspiring daredevil that is Tintin what a great cartoon for children with wild imaginations:

Pepi Vaghela

TinTin was by far the best cartoon growing up - Suspense, drama, twists, as well as a super sleuth and his ever buoyant sidekick, Snowy!

Who else topped your cartoon list? Take a look

Sunny Shah

Tom and Jerry

Carl Kilvington

Dennis the Menace

Andrew Heenan

Top Cat (of course!)

Nick King

Captin planet


Scooby Doo all the way. And I've passed this on to the next generation of the family.


Jamie and the Magic Torch!


secret squirrel

SC Loftin

top cat, flinstones, mighty mouse, roadrunner and wile e coyote... I loved 'em all. still do.

John Simon Joeseph Wagstaff



HR Puffinstuf of course! And any of the cartoons on the Hanna- Barbera show "Banana Splits Adventure Hour."

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