World No Tobacco Day


Today is World No Tobacco Day, so what better time to spread awareness about an incredible technology that can help people quit smoking - electronic cigarettes.

Over 400,000 people die a year in the US alone from smoking-related illnesses, so anything that can be done to help people stop smoking is a life-saver. I used to smoke and thankfully managed to quit. If I had carried on smoking I am sure I wouldnt have as much energy and motivation to keep up with such a busy schedule. The importance of healthy lifestyles to successful businesses as well as happy lives cannot be underestimated.

We were the first airline to ban cigarettes many years ago, against a wail of protests from the industry. We didnt stop there and soon became the first train company to ban smoking. Its definitely helped thousands of our staff to give up smoking and thousands of other people too.

It is hard to imagine a pub nowadays filled with people smoking, let alone a plane or a train. Lots of people still struggle to kick the habit though and I am sure electronic cigarettes can help enormously.

There are many people who are working to make positive change in the world in their own ingenious and meaningful ways. One such remarkable person is Monica Ord, who runs Republic. Their goal is to dramatically improve disease rates by empowering smokers to take their health into their own by switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes.

The new eCig simulates the smoking experience without smoke, odour, thousands of toxins, second hand smoke or tar. It takes into consideration that half of the smoking addiction is to the ritual not just the smoking itself, but without the harmful ingredients and roughly the same small amount of nicotine as gum or patches. To mark World No Tobacco Day, get eCigs in the hands of every smoker you know and help smokers take control of their health and wellbeing.

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