We're feeling supersonic

Who else is feeling supersonic? Everyone who loves adventure and is fascinated by space has a smile on their face today.

As you can see in the incredible video above, Virgin Galactic broke the speed of sound in our very first rocket powered flight yesterday.

SpaceShipTwo "Enterprise" is only the second supersonic commerical vehicle ever to have been built and the first to break the sound barrier since Concorde was retired a decade ago. This is slightly ironic as we actually tried to buy Concorde but were blocked. Well, if you can't buy one - build one!

In the coming months VSS Enterprise will be travelling much faster and much higher than Concorde ever did. Many people felt that flight technology was going backwards in the past 10 years, but Virgin Galactic are taking a huge step forwards.

It is strange to think that fewer than 550 people have been to space. Our dream is to ultimately enable the many thousands of kids who are inspired by this to be able to go to space and to develop spaceships that will fly people from one point on the planet to another quickly and efficiently. SpaceShipTwo's historic flight yesterday means I think we can make that dream become reality.

We are now looking forward to more test milestones, approaching our first space flight - and then commercial service! We will be ramping up the production of spaceships, motherships and rockets.

It is a whole new era of space travel. Right now, everything is possible.

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