Watch our Entrepreneur Hangout with Elon Musk



Just in case you missed it live yesterday, here's another chance to watch the very first Entrepreneur Hangout with Virgin Unite on Google+.

Elon Musk kindly joined us to share his views and advice on entrepreneurship - and space too, of course. I love the way he thinks, always trying to push boundaries. "Teleportation would be cool," he said at one point. Agreed!

We took questions from entrepreneurs around the world, from the Branson Centres of Entrepreneurship in South Africa and the Caribbean, the Start-up Loans initiative in the UKs North East and Virgin Mobile Colombia.

One of the key themes that came out of the conversation was the need to simply get on and start your business, rather than wasting time worrying about it. There are so many people who come up with great ideas. The key thing is give it a try.

Look out for more Google+ Hangouts featuring some of the worlds top entrepreneurs coming soon.

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