Virgin Volcanic update

In April we revealed another of our exciting new ventures, as Virgin Volcanic set out plans to provide travellers with an opportunity to literally travel to the centre of the earth.

As we said at the time, weve had a long standing fascination with volcanoes, so this is an especially exciting project to be involved in. Over the months since Virgin Volcanics launch Ive received a number of tweets regarding our progress, so thought wed give you a quick update.

Tests have been going well, but were experiencing a few slight problems in pinpointing sites in which to host our earthports. However, we may have found a man who can help us.

Not so long ago I came across a stunning set of videos online, taken by adventurer Geoff Mackley from inside a bubbling volcano. With just a heat-proof suit for protection he has been heading to within metres of the molten lava, to gain some spectacular shots.

As our research phase at Virgin Volcanic continues wed love to have Geoff on board. Hes showed just the sort of fearless attitude which our pilots will need on our maiden voyage.

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