Virgin tattoos

Virgin tattoos

Strangely, all in one day while visiting America I bumped into three different people who had tattoos relating to various Virgin companies on their bodies. I have to admit I found it very flattering.

The first girl I met,Sophia Amoruso, had tattooed our original Virgin Records logo on her arm when she was 16. It's brought her spectacular entrepreneurial good luck in that she's gone on to create 'Nasty Gal', a really hip website selling women's clothing that is one of the fastest growing companies in America.

One of our engineers at our spaceship company, James Swanson, had tattooed the picture of my mum Eve when she was a teenager, which proudly flies on our Mothership named after her.

The third person we met was Jenissa Garcia, who has the evolution of flight tattooed on her back culminating in Virgin Galactic. She's standing with George Whitesides who runs Virgin Galactic and is equally impressed - I mean with the tattoo!

Not bad for one day's trip around America. Who else has got interesting tattoos out there? Who has any they regret?

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