Virgin Atlantic salt & pepper set is a steal

Virgin Atlantic salt & pepper set is a st

Have you ever stolen Virgin Atlantic's iconic salt and pepper pots?Pinch them while you can!

We have had Wilbur & Orville, our 'highly collectable' salt and pepper pots, on board upper class Virgin Atlantic flights for over 12 years, but they may soon be replaced.

When we first started Virgin Atlantic it was because we wanted to put the fun back into flying, and the salt and pepper pots areone of the little things that make a big difference.

They became so popular that lots of light-fingered customers couldn't resist taking them as souvenirs of their flights. Our accountants wanted to have them removed because it was costing too much to replace the stolen ones!

Rather than removing them, we added "pinched from Virgin Atlantic" on the bottom of them and they became one of the most successful promotions Virgin Atlantic has ever done.

Are Virgin Atlantic right to be getting rid of them or should we be keeping them?

Have you pinched anything else from our flights? Don't worry - we're not going to ask for it back!

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