Ups and downs for the war on drugs

Breaking The Taboo

There have been some successes and some setbacks in the battle to end the war on drugs recently.

It has been a great 12 months for film as a medium to share the message that drugs should be treated as a health issue not a criminal problem. As well as the growing momentum of Breaking The Taboo and the excellent The House I Live In, a new documentary called How to Make Money Selling Drugs has been released.

The film, an insiders guide to the violent but extremely lucrative drug industry, is out now in the US and being primed for UK release soon. It is accompanied by a hard-hitting app that gives users the chance to join the conversation about the war on drugs. It is so important to keep the debate moving forward, rather than preconceived ideas becoming set in stone.

One of the groups behind the Tug of War on Drugs app is the Drug Policy Alliance, which does sterling work on the frontlines of the war on drugs. In this superb profile, Rolling Stone called executive director Ethan Nadelmann the most influential man in the battle for marijuana legalisation.

Meanwhile, this excellent Huffington Post infographic highlighted the futile burning of cannabis plants in the US. Despite waging the worlds most aggressive war on weed, Americans are growing and smoking more marijuana than ever.

Back in Britain, I blogged on the ridiculous decision to ban khat in the UK. This hilarious article by Professor David Nutt about how the move makes about as much sense as banning cats illustrated how important humour can be to reinforce serious arguments.

With that in mind, Washington State recently passed two new laws - gay marriage and legalised marijuana. The fact that gay marriage and marijuana were legalised on the same day makes perfect biblical sense because Leviticus 20:13 says: "If a man lies with another man they should be stoned." Evidently, they just hadn't interpreted it correctly before!

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