Time to Try Tennis

We love tennis, so I was amazed to learn only eight per cent of Brits can play the game. We're on a mission to change that with Try Tennis, asVirgin Active become the first Health and Racquets Club in the UK to open its tennis clubs for free.

Today I joined British number one Laura Robson in London to announce free tennis at 20 Virgin Active clubs, for 21 days. We will run three classes per club each day, starting on the first day of Wimbledon. Hopefully we will introduce people to tennis who have never thought of it before.

So many people are inspired to take up sport after watching big sporting events such as Wimbledon - yet we want to spread the love beyond the next few weeks. Lets all celebrate Wimbledon by getting off our sofas, picking up a racquet and getting out there and giving it a go.

Having started playing tennis in Devon when I was eight years old, I have loved the sport ever since. I was very tall and managed to win a tournament just by standing at the net blocking!

Nowadays I play tennis morning and evening if I have the chance. It is very competitive but also a very sociable sport, there is always room to improve and it's a brilliant way to keep fit. I'm also very keen for people to adopt "Richard's Rules" (link), a handicap system to make tennis even more fun and accessible for everyone.

This Sunday Tim Henman and yours truly are going to take on Boris Johnson and Andy Murray in a match at Queen's to raise money for good causes. Let's hope Andy is able to able to recover from the disappointment of losing to Tim and I before he begins his quest to win Wimbledon!

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