This weekend, break the taboo

Breaking The Taboo

Had a great timethis weekshowcasing Breaking The Taboo in New York, following the London premiere on Wednesday night. Its been encouraging to see so many people get behind the film this week, it just goes to show what strong feeling there is out there against the failed war on drugs.

My son Sam and everyone else involved in the making of this powerful film have done a great job, not just in effectively highlighting one of our societys great failures but also in the way they have chosen to do it. The film is now available to stream online, for free, meaning there is no limit to its reach.

There are no real financial motivations behind this film, instead its a collective will to bring about a positive change and highlight the important work of The Global Commission on Drug Policy. Going into a project with those sorts of intentions stands you in good stead.

There are a lot of passionate supporters of the campaign to bring an end to the draconian drug laws that blight our communities, this film is now one way in which their voices can be heard even louder. Watching and sharing the film will help educate people as to the true extent our drugs laws, which can only be a good thing.

The subject is a fascinating one and makes for interesting discussion, it would be great to see people hold viewings in homes, pubs, university lecture theatres and the like to get some good debates going. Having taken part in many debates on the matter its always interesting to hear a fresh opinion, its what drives arguments forward.

If you wish to view or share the film then you can so via Youtube, or if youd like to find out more then you can do that over at the Breaking The Taboo website.

We should remember that this is somewhat of an experiment, as there arent too many companies who are willing to give away their work for free. If youd like to take part and help the movement then we could become one step closer to finally breaking this most misguided and wasteful taboo.

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