The world's first sustainable island


The Carbon War Room has had some major breakthroughs in their battle to get the necessary gigatons worth of carbon out of the earth's atmosphere.

Virgin Unite incubated the Carbon War Room to come up with practical and profitable ways for industries to reduce carbon. One of their operations is with the shipping industry.

They created a website that rates about 50,000 ships on energy efficiency at to encourage businesses to use the environmentally friendly ships rather than dirty ships which also saves them money on fuel. Three of the biggest charterers in the world just announced they will drop ships that are not energy efficient: Cargill, Huntsman and UMIPEC will now only charter ships that are energy efficient. This represents $425 million in new business for cleaner ships, and will send important signals throughout the whole industry. I'd like to congratulate them all.

Meanwhile, Jose Maria Figueres who so ably runs the Carbon War Room was on the island of Aruba recently, where he and Prime Minister Eman announced a plan to take Aruba off fossil fuels by 2020 by moving to renewable energies. Yours truly dropped in via satellite. In partnership with Carbon War Room and the New America Foundation, Aruba has drawn up an workable strategy for sustainable prosperity.

If together we can achieve this then there is no excuse for all islands in the world (including Necker!) not to come off fossil fuels.

I have made a friendly bet with PM Eman of Aruba that we will beat him to becoming the worlds first fully sustainable island. Perhaps slightly easier as Necker is only 72 acres!

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