The next generation of women in space

Richard Branson Virgin Galactic

Were delighted to welcome Virgin Galactics 600th future astronaut, Marsha Waters. I had the pleasure of meeting Marsha at The B Team launch in London last week and cant wait for her to experience space travel for herself.

Marsha, who owns an accounting company in Blackpool, told me she has been watching our progress closely for the past few years, and was inspired to join our space program after watching Virgin Galactics first supersonic test flight recently.

She joins the next generation of women in space as we celebrate milestones for two of the most famous female astronauts. 50 years ago yesterday Valentina Tereshkova earned the title of first woman to have flown in space. 30 years ago tomorrow, Sally Ride became the first American woman to enter space.

Now a whole new generation of private individuals who are passionate about experiencing space travel for themselves will be joining them in the record books - including Marsha.

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