The Necker Cup

The Necker Cup

I was unable to attend the announcement of our exciting new partnership with Delta yesterday because of a longstanding charity tennis event that we helped put together and I was hosting on Necker Island.

We spent some time seeing whether I could do both, but it was impossible. However, one of the wonderful things that Ive learned over the years through the art of delegation is that on occasions you can let the team lead.

And in fact its fantastic having Delta CEO Richard Andersen on board with all of his knowledge and eloquence as well. I rang Richard to give him my reason for not attending. I was hosting and playing in the Necker Cup tennis tournament with Novak Djokovic, John McEnroe ,Tommy Haas and the Bryan brothers on that very same day and felt it would have been rude to have left (apart from which I was determined to win the tournament!) He made it clear that he certainly wouldnt have left Necker in those circumstances. An understanding and excellent partner who did a fine job in my absence.

Anyway, had the pleasure of beating Djokovic in a doubles match on the same afternoon as the press conference took place - wouldnt have missed that for the world. I was then beaten by McEnroe, who had to take two shots of tequila for racket abuse.

For those people who are into tennis and exciting holidays, we have a fun auction going on today to raise money for the Novak Djokovic Foundation and local charities here in the British Virgin Islands. There is everything from hitting sessions with Andre Agassi and Ana Ivanovic to VIP tennis tickets and wonderful ski breaks. You have until 8pm EST to enter good luck!

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