The Global Zero conference

The Global Zero conference

On one of my wonderful, varied and fascinating global tours. Today at a meeting of Global Zero, an organisation I was at the birth of a couple of years ago.


The Global Zero conference convened international leaders such as George Schultz, James Baker and a number of 5 star generals from Russia, Japan, France and Pakistan at the Ronald Regan Presidential Library in Simi, California to discuss the feasibility of getting rid of all nuclear weapons.


Nuclear weapons are the greatest threat to humanity and, as they proliferate, that threat just gets more grave. The ultimate goal has to be a world with zero nuclear weapons. This needs to be done in an evolutionary way.


Those of us with nuclear weapons need to show those without that we have the moral authority to lead the way by dramatically reducing our own arsenals. By doing so, we will start the process towards a nuclear free world and save the $1 trillion dollars expected to be spent on nuclear weapons (that's the current estimate for the next 10 years) - money that can be spent instead on education, health care, clean energy, infrastructure, and job creation.


The public is on our side and will continue to build global pressure. Our leaders must urgently reset their spending priorities so that instead of investing in a stockpile of geriatric bombs, we invest in better lives, better futures for all.


Where would you rather see $1 trillion go? Tell us by going to:

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