The Elders on #7billion

Rio with the Elders

Thank you for all your ideas on the seven billionth person and how to make the world more sustainable.

Here's more thought-provoking words on the seven billionth person from The Elders - Desmond Tutu, Mary Robinson, Kofi Annan Ela Bhatt,Martti Ahtisaari,Fernando H Cardoso andGro Brundtland on #7billion...

"As we welcome the #7billion soul to this fragile planet, let us reflect on the humanity that binds us all." Desmond Tutu

"A world shared by #7billion must be a world of equality and human rights." Mary Robinson

"As we become #7billion, can we provide work for all? I hope the 7 billionth child will grow up to be an entrepreneur." Martti Ahtisaari

"As the worlds population grows, so does our collective responsibility to achieve a fairer and more secure world." Kofi Annan

"I am optimistic as we reach #7billion. The world is getting younger - I hope that this person will be a change-maker." Fernando H Cardoso

"If the Earth is to take care of us at #7billion and more, we must learn to protect and take care of each other." Gro Brundtland

"What does #7billion mean? More human energy - and more energy to mother the earth and repay faster our debt to her." Ela Bhatt

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