Taking a stand against bribery

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One person in four has paid a bribe to a public body in the last year, according to a new report.

Transparency International carried out a survey in more than 100 countries and found that more than one in two people think corruption has worsened in the past two years.

Following the study, the BBCs excellent reporting into growing corruption worldwide shows how bribery can adversely affect the poorest of the poor.

Tackling bribery is one of the areas The B Team, the collective of business leaders putting people and the planet alongside profit, is focussing upon. We are discussing how to expose corruption happening in business and politics worldwide. Bribery rots society and ruins lives politicians and businesspersons who are corrupt should be named and shamed.

On a more positive note, almost nine out of 10 people surveyed said they would act against corruption if they came across it. These arent empty words - two-thirds of those who were asked to pay a bribe had refused.

Individuals and organisations can make a difference by taking a stand against corruption, and demanding a fairer, more transparent world.

Do any of you know of any bribery incidents? What would you do if somebody offered you a bribe?

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