Social media powers electric car

Whats better than an electric car built by students to raise awareness about driving change in education? How about fuelling the car through the power of social media?

MINDDRIVE is a project highlighting the benefits of experiential learning, and they are currently driving across the US in an electric car that converts social media into social fuel.

30 students from Kansas City built the recycled car and promoted the project themselves. Well, they arent in Kansas anymore they are on their way to Washington DC, where they hope to promote urban workforce development and positive change in education.

I have spoken recently about the need for more practical education and real-life learning this project is another great example. Watch the video above to see the team bringing MINDDRIVEs Social Fuel Tour to life.

The power of social media is well known to most people. But as well as being a brilliant tool for communication it is increasingly becoming a way to unite people behind good causes. To make it to Washington tomorrow, MINDDRIVE need your tweets, posts, shares and likes so get fuelling the conversation and powering their journey.

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