So sad to hear the news of Patrick Moore's death

Patrick Moore

Sad to hear the news of Patrick Moore's death. He played a significant role in bringing an understanding of the stars to the everyday person. His passion, knowledge and humour made him truly unique.

One of the reasons that Virgin Galactic has been able to become a reality is through the passion so many people,like myself, have for space. This passion has been fuelled by trailblazers such as Patrick. He was never afraid to go against the grain, sticking to his opinions when others may have doubted him.

His enthusiasm was infectious and captured the imagination of millions, his contributions to astronomy mean that today a great many people have a desire to know what lies outside of our planet. Sparking curiosity and a thirst for greater knowledge is a wonderful thing. Our understanding of earth, as well as what can be found beyond it, would be diminished were it not for Patrick's contributions.

Image from Flickr

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