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KX Kayakers

I love people who set out on breath-taking adventures and take on daring challenges. One that has captured my imagination is The KX Kayakers Challenge, a nine week, 800 mile-long expedition across the Caribbean from Grenada to Puerto Rico - in tandem sea kayaks.

They are the youngest and fastest people who have ever kayaked across the Caribbean and could end up going further than anyone before them. One of them has continued despite passing out in the kayak with unbelievable sea sickness and they are persevering in horrendous conditions. They have been following the stars to navigate, singing to keep their spirits high, battling huge waves and surviving hurricanes.

They only took mosquito nets to sleep in, but people have been generous along the way, putting them up when they hear they are coming to their island. Today they will reach Necker Island, where Im looking forward to meeting them and offering some brief respite from their challenge. Their family will be able to come and greet them too. Well be sure to feed them up before sending them on their way again! Most importantly, they are raising money (30,000 and counting) for The Great Ormond Street Hospital Centre for Childrens Rare Disease Research and the Lyla Nsouli Foundation for Childrens Brain Cancer Research. You can donate to as they continue their adventure.

Another challenge that caught my eye is British double leg amputee and Paralympic Gold medallist Richard Whitehead, who is running 40 marathons in 40 days this summer, championed by Virgin Media. Raising money for Sarcoma UK and Scope, he will run 977 miles from John O'Groats to Land's End. If youre up for the challenge, sign up to join him along the way.

Ive spent a lifetime embarking upon adventures and they really are the times of our lives. Nowadays I take on challenges with my children, from climbing Mont Blanc to kitesurfing across the Channel, from completing the London Marathon and Triathlon to finishing the Cape Argus Pick 'N' Pay Cycle Tour. They keep you focused, keep you fit, test your mettle and keep the mind agile too.

Next week we are going to revisit one of my favourite adventures, trying to break the transatlantic sailing record. Yours truly and the original Virgin Atlantic Challenger crew are going to sail on the old boat from Plymouth. More on that coming soon.

We would love to follow other peoples challenges around the world. What amazing adventures are you taking on? Let me know online - Ill be sure to share the best ones.

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