Rhino relocation & birth success


Delighted to share some great news regarding critically endangered rhinos. The Aspinall Foundation has successfully translocated three black rhinos from Kent to Africa.

Virgin helped support the translocation of the rhinos - two females named Grumeti and Zawadi and one male named Monduli to Mkomazi National Park in northern Tanzania.

They are settling into their new home well, which is fantastic for everyone who cares about the conservation of this beautiful species.

The threat of poaching is very much alive still, with the wild population thought to number less than 800 individuals.

Meanwhile, back in the UK The Aspinall Foundation has revealed the newest member of its rhino family at Port Lympne. This baby is only one day old!

Port Lympne is home to the largest herd of critically endangered black rhino outside of Africa. This is the latest of 33 births to date well done all!

Although a small start hopefully these rhinos can start rebuilding the numbers and symbolise a gesture of defiance to those people who are doing so much harm to the rhinos.

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