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"There is nothing more important than conservation because conservation is the preservation of human life on Earth." This is the message ofRevolution, an excellent new film following the adventures of Rob Stewart as he attempts to spark a change in the global mindset towards conservation.

Revolution has a special focus upon the ocean, as Rob previously directed Sharkwater, the incredible documentary about the plight of sharks. His journey to try to save the sharks took him across 15 countries in four years and made him realise it is not just sharks, not just the ocean, but the whole world at risk.

The film, which is out now, follows a recent study by theGlobal Ocean Commissionthat revealed a large majority of people wholly support ocean sustainability. 85% agreed that Governments must take the needs of future generations into account when deciding how international parts of the ocean should be used and governed. Only 5% disagreed.

Jos Mara Figueres, former President of Costa Rica, Co-chair of the Global Ocean Commission and Carbon War Room President, said: Food from the sea, production of oxygen, absorption of carbon dioxide; we all depend on the global ocean, and the survey suggests people understand that very well, which is encouraging and timely for our work.

Head over to the Global Ocean Commission to find out more and watch the trailer to Revolution above.

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