Renewable Jet Fuels

The Carbon War Room launched a great new initiative yesterday, It aims to drive the development of low-carbon jet fuels forward by following the progress of 40 companies that are planning to produce commercial-scale renewable fuel for aviation.

The initiative will collaborate with the airline industry in working out which clean fuels will be the fuels of the future, ensuring they also dont negatively impact food supply and are less carbon intensive.

The Carbon War Room is a not-for-profit organisation that we set up to try to get 25 Gigatons of carbon out of the earth's atmosphere, or a Gigaton from each of the main carbon emitting industries without damaging those industries. If we succeed in getting 25 Gigatons out we can stabilise the earth's temperature.

We invest all the profits we make out of our transport companies (airlines, Trains, Holidays) into developing clean fuels, resource efficiency and energy efficiency, and the Carbon War Room's initiative is a great help towards that.

Personally I believe the airline industry can go from being a polluting industry to one of the cleanest industries in the world within 10 years. Unlike other industries it only has 1800 fuel pumps to fuel the world's aeroplanes and therefore once clean fuels are ready for delivery it is easy to transform the whole industry.

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