No glove, no love

When my son Sam was a teenager he was told: "No glove, no love."

I love the words, and they reminded me of our campaign to encourage the use of contraception back in the Eighties. We launched Mates to promote condoms to young adults at a low price point, as awareness of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases grew.

To get people's attention we made a series irreverent, edgy adverts that made people smile while reminding them of an important issue. Because we were a charitable foundation the BBC ran them for nothing, which was the first time they had taken ads.

Our work with Mates followed on naturally from our days running the Student Advisory Centre when I was 17, giving help to people with a variety of issues including contraception, homosexuality, pregnancy and abortion.

You can watch the adverts in this blog - which is your favourite? I've always found the chemist one at the top of the page raises a smile!

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