Necker MaiTai

Mai Tai

Enjoyed a fascinating, fun-filled MaiTai gathering on Necker. We brought together a whole host of kitesurfing enthusiasts and forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

The events are perfect for meeting interesting new people, letting your hair down and building some great connections. Plus there's lots of kitesurfing, which is always fine by me!

MaiTai was created by kitesurfer extraordinaire Susi Mai and venture capitalist Bill Tai. The first ever MaiTai Necker was co-led by Constantin Bisanz, serial entrepreneur - thanks to all.

What's more, MaiTai is set up as a non-profit to harness the communitys power to promote environmental advocacy and protect the playgrounds nature provides for us.

Here's an interesting article about what some other MaiTai members are up to at the moment. You can find out more over at the MaiTai website.

The next big MaiTai event will be on May 24th for a week and Susi Mai is encouraging kiters and non-kiters alike to attend, email her at Hopefully if youre a non-kiter, youll be a kiter by the end of the week.

MaiTai works for kiters and learners alike and I look forward to being there. Below are the other entrepreneurs and kitesurfers who came along, and you can see more of the photos over on Facebook.

Bill Tai
Constantin Bisanz

Andre Phillip

Hermione Way

Zak Holdsworth

Changra Jessee

Tom Katis

Gretta Kruesi

Dave Gilboa

Nina Quiros

James Lindenbaum

Samantha Murillo

Quincy Dein

Fabian Heilemann

Ferry Heilemann

Brandon Simins

Andrew McCormack

James Rossiter

Fabrice Grinda

Alexandra Merle-Huet

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