Necker animals - Flamingos

Necker animals - Flamingos

We have thousands of flamingo photos from Necker Island, but this is one of Charlie's keepers! The first Flamingos were, again, re-introduced to the British Virgin Islands after being wiped out by humans and have maintained a healthy population of around 180 individuals on nearby Anegada for the last 30 years or so.

The first Flamingos were brought in from Cuba to Necker in 1996 in an attempt to establish a second, breeding flock in the BVI. Guana Island has several Flamingo's but they have not bred successfully to our knowledge.

After two consecutively successful breeding seasons on Necker we now have the largest population in the BVI at just over 200 individuals. Look out for some photos of the little ones coming soon!

Necker animals 1 - Esio Trot the tortoise

Necker animals 2 - Stout Iguana

Photo byCharlie Smith

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