More wonderful things that kids say

More wonderful things that kids say

Theres been a fantastic response to my recent blog on kids saying the most wonderful things. Here are some of our favourites from all of those sent in:

One for us to bear in mind at Virgin Galactic from Tony Koorlander on Google+: Dad, why is it that the World is flat when you stand on it, but it's round when you see it from space? - my son aged 5.

Kevin Bird commented on Facebook: My youngest Madeleine snuggled into me on the last boat out of Disneyland and right after a big yawn proclaimed "You are the best dad I've ever far.

@SerenLuxe tweeted: My 4 yr old said as I tucked him into bed.."Mummy you're lovely & you smell of flowers."

Richard Harris shared on Google+ : My grandson replied when told it was time to go to bed "but it can't be Mummy - the sky is still happy outside."

Eileen Day McKusick wrote on Facebook: When my younger son was about 5 or so, I said to him "we have about half an hour to kill - what do you want to do?", and he said, "not to KILL Mom - to ENJOY!"

@kate_bunn4 posted this on Twitter. Her: "Why's that hedge brown?" Me: "Cos it's died" Her: "why would somebody want to dye their hedge brown?"

From Google+ again, Yolanda Santa Maria said: My 10 yr old daughter had a test she studied hard for. When she came out of school i asked how it went. She said, "I dont think I Aced it, but I think i B'st it.

Ginger Pugliese said on Facebook: 'You really shouldn't say 'I love you' unless you mean it. But if you mean it , you should say it a lot. People forget.' Jessica - age 8.

This from @kmclarky4 on Twitter: my 6 yr old girl heard song yesterday an said "I like this song it takes me back to old days."

And this from Phil Reinke on Google+: My daughter told me that " is the differences that we have between us...that we have most in common..."

Thank you so much for all of the brilliant comments so far. Wed all love to hear more so do share more wonderful things that kids say.

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