More dyslexics getting it right

Richard Branson

We received some brilliant responses from you all after blogging on dyslexics getting our sayings muddled sometimes.

Im particularly touched by Colleens daughter Amanda shouting on rock rather than rock on.

Colleen Wisely Duran

My daughter, who has dyslexia, has always idolized her older brother. The first time we started to realize that she might have a processing issue, she was about three years-old. You see, her brother would always exclaim "Rock on!" when he thought something was cool. Well, one day, she thought something was cool too, so she shouted, "On rock!" My husband and I just about fell down laughing. Poor thing - she had no idea how funny that was.

Its also reassuring to hear that its not just dyslexics getting it wrong as Bronagh Moores husband proves when talking about killing two stones with the one bird.

Bronagh Moore

My hubby talked the other day about killing two stones with the one bird!! He's not even dyslexic! :-)

I couldnt resist retweeting Jack Carsons joke on Boxing Day too:

Jack Carson

@richardbranson there was a dyslectic atheist insomniac who lay awake thinking, is there really a dog?

Endearing quirks such as these are part of what makes dyslexia - and dyslexics - so interesting. Would you agree? Here are some more of my favourite responses. Keep them coming!

Siobhn Worn

My son always asks for mushrooms in his hot chocolate out in cafes. He means marshmallows...close!! ;)

Heather Hearne

I was on the train with my son who is dyslexic and the sign on the emergency stop chain said 'fine for misuse' which he read as 'fine music' just as well I was with him


whenever I ask my best friend how he slept he says "I was out like a log"


Tipsy Turvy is how I jus described my life, meaning up at night etc however given I dj, that is prob more succinct xxx

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