Making the most out of a traffic jam

Richard Branson

Was honoured to attend The Liberty Science Center Genius Gala recently. But we nearly didnt make it. A journey that should have taken 20 minutes took two and a half hours. I hate being late, particularly when letting people down who are waiting for me, but thankfully we got there in the end.

As we all know, sitting in traffic is not much fun. So I popped into a shop, got some refreshments and tried to cheers up other non-drivers stuck in traffic who looked equally miserable. I went along the cars offering drinks to the passengers.

Those people who recognised me were happy to wind their windows down. Those who didnt thought I was up to no good and kept their windows firmly closed! Hopefully it put a smile on some peoples faces.

What are your techniques for coping with traffic jams? Do you rely on gadgets, music, classic games like I-Spy, or simply the art of conversation?

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