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Richard Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2013 Amsterdam

Delighted to have been in Amsterdam again today painting the town green and chairing the jury of the Dutch Postcode Lottery Green Challenge.

I’m fortunate to have been involved since its inception in 2007, and now every year the Dutch Postcode Lottery challenges people around the world to send in their plans for sustainable, creative and innovative products and services that reduce carbon emissions. The entries truly are examples of using the tools of business and entrepreneurship as a force for good in the world.

This year, there were five finalists; each realising disruptive innovations in their chosen fields - the jury had an incredibly tough time picking a winner amongst such excellent ideas.

So a huge congratulations are in order for Ginger Dosier, Founder of bioMASON and winner of the 2013 Postcode Lottery Green Challenge! BioMASON use bacteria to ‘grow’ bricks out of readily available materials such as sand. Their process has the potential to reduce carbon emissions from the worldwide brick-making sector by hundreds of millions of tonnes annually.

Richard Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2013 Amsterdam

Wolbert Allaart from Ampyx Power and Patrick Heuts of Ofoil were named joint runners up. Kavita Shulka won the public vote for her biodegradable, spice-infused freshpaper that naturally preserves fruit and vegetables for two to four times as long as conventional packaging. Alison Greenlee’s very interesting technologies for ramping-up the efficiency of solar panel production secured SachSiSolar support from the Green Challenge’s entrepreneurial support partners.  

It’s great to have good ideas, but it’s even better to have a plan and the dedication necessary to make those ideas a reality. Every year the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge reveals some of the world’s best emerging businesses developing entrepreneurial approaches to tackle climate change head on. I’m very excited to see how this year’s winners and finalists move forward and wish all of them the greatest success.

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