Make a good impression

Richard Branson

A business plan is only as good as ones first contact with a customer. You have to make a good impression, or you may lose them for good.

That shouldnt put you off just going for it and trying to engage new customers. They may think quite differently and force you back to the drawing board. But unless you make that contact you will never have a business.

Nowadays research into customers happens everywhere, from surveys to social media to in person. However the first contact takes place, it is imperative the customer come away with a positive image of your brand and what you are trying to achieve.

Nobody gets it right every time and we have lots of areas to improve at Virgin, but we recognise the value of a great first impression and try to give it every day.

Having said that, every contact with a customer is extremely important, and lasting customer relationships are built upon years of good connections between businesses and customers. Treat every contact like it is the first impression.

Do you remember any first impressions that have really stood out - good or bad?

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