Looking ahead to Rio 2016


The Olympics is over for another four years - and what a triumph it has been. Congratulations to all involved.

Was interested to discover the reason why all the athletes come together for the Closing Ceremony emanates from the 1956 Melbourne Games. The event was marred by violence and political unrest at the height of the Cold War. A 17-year-old student called John Ian Wing suggested in an anonymous letter to the IOC the idea of a communal celebration at the end of the Games. It worked and the Games became known as the Friendly Games.

Now it is time to look ahead to the Paralympics, and then on to Rio 2016. We campaigned very heavily to get kitesurfing accepted into the Rio Olympics and were delighted that it was accepted.

However, it was sad to see they dropped windsurfing as a result. Would have thought there would be room for both. But, personally, I feel if there's a choice of only one of the two that kitesurfing is the more exciting sport.

What sports would you like to see accepted as Olympic sports in the future?

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