Lady in Red

Lady in Red

When I made a bet two and a half years ago with Tony Fernandes about which of our Formula One teams would finish higher, we agreed whoever lost would dress as cabin crew on the other's airline. Our first attempt was foiled by my skiing accident. The second was thwarted by the royal wedding. The third when our house burnt down on Necker. Well, a bet is a bet - so it was a pleasure to finally honour the bet and join the team in my beautiful new uniform on a flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur.

After having my legs shaved the night before, a delightful assistant helped put on my lipstick and red shoes before I got a lift (and a kiss) from my new boss Tony. Having got some funny looks carrying my tights and dress around Australia for the past week, it was great to finally pull them on.

I've always wanted to work as cabin crew - but I've never had a boss, so didn't take too well to Tony's orders. Moments after getting onto the flight, I "accidentally" spilled a whole tray of drinks over him.

I made it up to him later by spoon-feeding him his dinner, as well as serving tea, coffee or me to all of the Air Asia X passengers. He got me back by showering me in champagne when we arrived in Malaysia too.

One guy said: "I've looked up to you for years, now I've looked up your skirt!" When he started talking about having the whole package, I knew it was time to walk my trolley further along the aisle.

It was all good fun, but the main reason for the day was raising money for the wonderful charity Starlight Foundation, which both Virgin Australia and Air Asia support. We managed to raise more than $300,000 dollars for Starlight, so many thanks to everyone who contributed, plus Tony and all the Air Asia team.

Tony used to work for Virgin and it's brilliant to see how he has built a thriving brand of his own. Sadly, he'll have have to carry on the airline without me, because he sacked me straight after the flight!

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