Keep the comments coming

Keep the comments coming

It's always great to hear your comments, whether they are online or in person, and every now and then one really stands out. The words below are from Lynne Leblanc, who was responding through Facebook to one of my recent logs from Antarctica.

"To all the doubters and individuals who believe we cant change I ask this:

When a child stumbles with their first steps, should we tell them to stop trying?

When a student does poorly on their first test, should we tell them to stop studying?

When a teen has their heart broken for the first time, should we tell them to stop loving?

When an adult loses their first job, should we tell them to stop working?

When an entrepreneur fails at their first attempt, should we tell them to stop attempting?

When a senior gets their first serious illness, should we tell them to stop living?"

Thanks so much for your comment Lynne and everyone else who takes the time to share their thoughts. Look forward to sharing more with you in the future!

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