Jaw-dropping space

It has been another spellbinding few weeks for all of us who are fascinated by space, with the asteroid and meteor news hitting the headlines.

A couple of other developments really caught my eye. One came from CICLOPS, concerning the life and death of a huge storm on Saturn.

The team managed to record the storm spinning around the planet until it caught its own tail and sputtered out. It is the first time this has been seen anywhere in the solar system.

Head over to CICLOPS for more details and to see more images of the storm's month-by-month development.

Then, if you're eager for more space wonder to marvel at, take a look at Col. Chris Hadfield's Twitter feed. As Virgin Galactic noted: If you aren't following Canadian astronaut and current International Space Station resident Col. Chris Hadfield on every social media platform... why not? Here's his latest gem. Pardon us while we scoop our jaws off the floor! pic.twitter.com/JWb4cbyc

Image by NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

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