How flamingos get it on

Necker animals - Flamingos

After yesterdays bird-related romance, we have another tale from Necker to tell as it is the breeding season for the flamingos here on Necker.

The difficult way they make love is a fascinating and wonderful thing. It takes place in the water and the male has to fly a foot above the ground and get his aim just right. Then when its finished he stands on the females back and flies over the head of the female. Flamingos are often monogamous and pairs develop very strong bonds.

We love this story from last year regarding the flamingos at Drusillas Park in Alfriston, East Sussex. Staff were having trouble getting their flamingos to mate. So they had the bright idea of playing Marvin Gaye and Barry White songs to get their birds in the mood for love.

The classic crooners did the trick, as flamingo couple Maurice and Gabriella soon produced the first successful flamingo hatching at the park since 2009.

Were not having any trouble convincing our Necker flamingos to procreate, but you never really need an excuse to play Lets Get It On.

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