Holly and Sam on Necker fire

Holly and Sam on Necker fire

Im so proud of Holly and Sam - how they acted and coped both during and in the aftermath of the fire, along with everyone else present on Necker. Here are Sam and Hollys thoughts on what happened.


"I woke up to a nightmare. The sight of our home was horrific - amidst the storm all I could see was a huge ball of flames and a giant orange glow reflecting off the rain. I thought everyone inside was being burnt alive. I couldn't believe my eyes. I ran barefoot over cacti, through the hurricane force winds, all I could think was Ive got to try and save what was left of my family, and did my best not to break down.

Soon after arriving I was told all were alive and safe but the feeling of shock remained. We all headed together to the safety of my parents house. The hurricane we had worried about the day before had become the least of our worries as we watched a lifetime of love and memories burn to the ground."


"It makes me feel sick thinking back to the night of the fire. I was awoken by shouting which was hard to hear over the howling hurricane winds and rain, but I knew instantly something was wrong. I went downstairs to be met by my older cousins Ned and Jack who were shouting for everyone to get out. I looked down the corridor to see a raging fire in the main room.

The flames were quickly spreading to where everyone was sleeping and we knew instantly the urgency to get everyone to safety. Once we knew everyone was out of the house I ran into the office to call the Manager to let him know what was happening. As us Bransons are renowned for practical jokes he didn't believe me at first!

After this I ran as fast as I could bare feet in the winds and rain to get to my mum and dad to let them know we were ok, I hated the thought of them worrying. I ran into Sam coming towards the house crying. For mum, dad and Sam it was a terrible experience to go through. They had awoken in a different house and saw the flames thinking we were all burning inside.

Once at mum and dads the head count took place and we knew we were all safe. We then sat and watched flames sweep through our beautiful family home feeling completely helpless.

It was an experience I hope none of us have to ever go through again in our lives."

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