Serious question: has anybody seen an escaped GoPro camera hanging from two blue balloons?

GoPro balloon

Earlier this year a Virgin balloon at the Caribbean Premier League floated off, never to be seen again. Yours truly has disappeared in hot air balloons several times, but thankfully I’ve always found my way home again.


Now some more balloons have floated off into the sky – this time with Chris Jupe’s prized GoPro camera attached! He was in the Branson family home’s back garden in Oxfordshire at the weekend, helping to capture all of the fun at our big thank you party for Virgin Trains' staff (more on that soon).

Chris was taking some great aerial shots of the crowd by the big top when the fishing line used to secure the camera snapped. His footage went flying off towards Newcastle!


We’d love to locate the camera again if possible. So let’s try a social media experiment - if you spot the balloons then tweet @ChrisJupeUK. Here’s hoping for a minor miracle!



Caribbean Premier League balloon

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