Have fun, do good, success will come

Richard Branson

At Virgin we have always believed that if you have fun and do good then success will come.

Today has been a great example of that, travelling around New York meeting several different groups of inspiring people. First up there was editing the Global Metro. Being involved in a bustling newsroom took me back to my early days with Student Magazine.

Then we were whisked off to the New York Stock Exchange for some interviews, before visiting a very different business atmosphere at Virgin USA's offices. Creating the right atmosphere for productive work is very important and it is interesting how varied this can be, from the hectic nature of Wall Street to the more relaxed tone of our own workplace.

Next we joined an exciting group of entrepreneurs at General Assembly, where we talked the Virgin Unite-incubated B Team initiative as well as the innovative ideas of many young businesspersons. Their enthusiasm was infectious. We were there to listen and learn from these young people to decide what the B Team should focus on.

There was still time to head over to Radio City Music Hall for the World Business Forum, another excellent event taking a look at business in a different way. I helped Mark Thompson out onstage by cutting off his tie and we even did the can-can!

It's been a busy day but we've had smiles on our faces all day long (the news on Virgin Trains has helped with that too!) More than anything it's been fun hearing so many alternate approaches to business. What's yours?

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