Good luck Virgin London Marathon runners!

Virgin London Marathon

The eyes of the world are on London for a huge summer of sport, and it all starts this weekend with the Virgin London Marathon.

If you are running the marathon, congratulations for taking on such a great challenge and the very best of luck to you.

When I ran the Virgin London Marathon (dressed as a butterfly!) it was one of the best days of my life. The crowd is absolutely fantastic. The support, noise and enthusiasm really do make all the difference, so if you are spectating make yourself heard!

As well as being a brilliant sporting occasion, the Virgin London Marathon has a huge positive impact on people all over the globe. In fact, it is the largest annual fundraising event in the world. What's more, if you donate through our not-for-profit fundraising website Virgin Money Giving, you'll know more of your money is going directly where its needed most - unlike with other donation services.

Do get behind all of the runners and donate to the thousands of good causes they are running for. Enjoy the race, and remember: it's ok if you fall flat on your face, you're still moving forward!

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