Going all in with Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood

Was playing poker with Ronnie Wood on Necker and we both went all in. I ended up strangling him - he ended up smiling!

It was great having him and his lovely bride Sally on Necker for their honeymoon and to relax after the brilliant recent Rolling Stones concerts (promoted of course by Virgin Live!). Also wonderful to see Ronnie so well.

Was chatting to him over poker about how I set about to teach my children not to gamble and took them into a casino when they were quite young. I explained that the only people who made money out of casinos were the owners and gave them 50 each to show them how quickly they could lose their money. After we'd put the money on the roulette table and lost it all, we went to have a drink where I celebrated their disappointment.

As we were wandering past the roulette table half an hour later I saw a massive pile of chips on the table and everybody looking at us and clapping. "Aren't you going to take them off now?" somebody asked. It seems that we'd left some chips on the table, they'd continued to double up successfully over the previous 30 minutes and the kids were now sitting on a small fortune.

We distributed them to everyone on the table as thank you for letting us know, but it certainly wasn't the lesson I'd planned to teach Holly and Sam!

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