Get out and about

Although I no longer run companies day to day, it is important for leaders to get out and about amongst their companies and not to get stuck behind desks all the time.


Earlier this week I spent a great day in the Midlands saying hello to staff at Virgin Active healthclubs and Assura Medical's Summerfield centre, as well as taking a Virgin Trains journey.


I also took in a visit to Virgin Management, discussing digital and being social.

DSC_0991 1

We had a staff Q&A session in the canteen, where I was able to hear the views of Virgin employees and answer their queries too.

Twitter Q&A

After that I took part in my first ever live-tweeting session, where we launched our #spacecheetah competition to join me and Virgin Galactic in New Mexico.


There were so many questions and I am sorry I wasn't able to answer them all, but thanks very much for taking part and I look forward to the next one.

DSC_0988 1

I love sharing what Im doing and who Im with, and it's equally important to take the time to listen.


Get out and about amongst your company, meet the people who make the company what it is.


You always learn so much more - and it's more fun!

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