Friday fun

Richard Branson

Glad lots of you found the driverless car joke as funny as we did! It seems that youre no stranger to a bit of #FridayFun either with some of the great pranks you sent across last week.

Rob Wallaces trick on his father raised a smile:

Rob Wallace

I always put salt in my Father's sugar bowl the morning of April 1. The look on his face was priceless!

JoJos trick on her Latin teacher must have livened up the lesson:


replaced my Latin teachers chalk with white liquorice torpedo sweets rolled in chalk dust so they wouldn't write#Fridayfun

And finally, I love this prank @dbsound played on his boss, turning their office into a golf course:


This fun enough? took 3 hours to set up:

Here are some more amusing pranks youve played:


Used a wireless trackball on a coworker's computer to control from my desk. Days of random clicks made him crazy #FridayFun


Clingfilm on the toilet seat first thing in a morning to my mum when i was a teen #hilarious #FridayFun

Ken Kightly

One of the best jokes I played years ago was played on my 2 nieces. I rigged the front door bell with a servo and could make it ring with my radio for my RC airplanes. I sat on the couch and rang the doorbell, The kids ran to the door to answer it and no one was there, I must have done it 20 times before they caught on. They were determined to catch the person ringing the doorbell. Fun stuff.


big fancy dress bash. theme: the quiet man. told friend it's wizard of oz. he came as the lion. 300 ppl laughing


#FridayFun Hid a friend's St Bernard in a bathroom and then told my girlfriend her surprise birthday present was in there.

Few things beat a great sense of humour, especially on a Friday got any more #FridayFun to share today?

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