Flamingos of Necker Island


One of my favourite things to do is take a walk around Necker Island and watch the flamingos. There is always something new happening with the thriving birds here, be it mating, flying, or simply making an almighty racket.

Now Michaeline Moloney has captured the remarkable lives of the Flamingos of Necker Island in a wonderful new book. Im sure you will be as amazed as I am at this intimate glimpse into the intricate lives of our treasured flamingos.

Michaeline, a member of the Flamingo Specialist Group, International Union for Conservation of Nature/Wetlands International Waterbird Network, has taken over 100,000 superb photos of the flamingos while studying them. In the book you can learn about the history of flamingos in the BVI, as well as todays conservation efforts.

I pegged Michaeline early on as a relentless detective. She's unravelled the secrets of the Necker environment and its impact on our wildlife, creating a stunning window into the world of these beautiful birds. You can follow the personal stories of four flamingos and get to know their character as well as their beauty.

Does anyone else know what makes flamingos pink? No Googling

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