Fantastic plastic news on Necker

Necker Island

Whether it is environmental, business or personal, making one small change can make a big difference.

In the past, Necker Island was using more than 200,000 plastic bottles per year.

Now we're joining the WHOLE WORLD Water campaign and introducing a new scheme to bottle our own water on Necker: this act alone will save 200,000 plastic bottles annually.

WHOLE WORLD Water helps hotels and other hospitality groups filter and bottle their own water. A percentage of proceeds from each participating hotel or restaurant goes back to local water projects.

This is actually a perfect environmental scheme because it makes a contribution to protecting the environment; saving shipping costs, sea pollution, financial and environmental costs; and it offers a convenient way for guests to make it possible for more people globally to access to clean and safe drinking water.

With WHOLE WORLD Water, we plan to stop use of almost all plastic bottles on Necker. Were aiming to reduce the amount of plastic at our other Virgin Limited Edition properties and our new Virgin Hotels - and we are encouraging other hotels and restaurants to join us.

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