Not everybody is, or wants to be, an entrepreneur, but everybody can benefit from some entrepreneurial spirit. A great case in point is the National Film and Television School, which is run by Nik Powell.

Richard and Nik Powell

Nik became my best friend when we were three years old. We used to climb trees and get into mischief together when we lived in the same village in Shamley Geeen. Later on, he left university early to help me get Student Magazine off the ground. Last week, we met up with some of the original Virgin Records gang to celebrate 40 years of the label.

Nik is now Director of the number one film school in the world, and has produced films such as The Crying Game and Mona Lisa. NFTS has now been named the most respected in the world by the International Association of Film and Television Schools, and also picked up prizes at Cannes Film Festival. What an amazing achievement by a team with small budgets but big dreams.

Nik’s experience at Virgin in the early days running things has helped him. He is using the entrepreneurial skills he developed through years with Virgin to inspire his students to make a real difference, as well as make some stunning films.

NFTS runs a unique 10-month course with a focus upon Entrepreneurial Producing across the creative industries, giving students the tools to set up and run successful businesses as well as express themselves. It’s about giving a new generation of makers and doers the best possible chance to succeed and change their world. If you’re interested, applications are now open.


From my point of view, it’s great to see my longest-standing friendship still going so well.

Richard and Virgin Records original gang

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